Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.

Unleash the voyager within you! Travel and sailing experiences, all in one service!

Sail in the beautiful, unstable land, the waters of India

The blue waves are mesmerizing. And at VoyageDay, we want to create the opportunity for everyone to experience it!

As a one-stop platform for online yacht rentals and booking, we provide customers with a wide range of yachts, cruises and boats to select from for their corporate events and private celebrations. Voyagers can seize great deals from established yacht service providers through our online platform, saving time and unnecessary expenditure. Yacht providers can list their yacht with us too and identify prospects for business.


Melissa Parker
The yacht charter experience was a wonderful one. We were 12 people and all of us had our highlights! We really enjoyed the view, the crew, etc. immensely. The chef was a hero. The itinerary provided us with whatever it spoke of.

Neha Shinde
I had booked a yacht for 5 hours for my wedding anniversary. Requested for customization like fairy lights, candles with lots of red roses everywhere. It was all within my budget and till date, the best wedding anniversary ever with the best food and ambiance!